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The Trick To Effective Mosquito Protection In Dallas

June 15, 2021

No one in Dallas wants to deal with mosquitoes around their property, so we’ve provided this effective mosquito prevention guide. Read on to learn everything you need to know about preventing and controlling these dangerous pests.... Read More

mosquito perched on a blade of grass

What Everyone In Dallas Should Know About Mosquito Bites

May 14, 2021

One great example of a creature that practically everyone knows about is the mosquito. This annoying flying insect makes itself known with its painful bites and annoying buzzing, but here are some lesser-known things you should hear about area mosquitoes, including the dangers they pose to people.... Read More

fire ants crawling on a table

The Dangers Of Having Fire Ants In Your Dallas Lawn 

April 15, 2021

If you notice large soil mounds, tiny red ants, or soft spots in the ground that seem to be moving, you know to keep away for your own safety! Fire ants like the ones we have in Dallas are surprisingly small when compared to the painful bites they are so apt to leave behind. ... Read More

a breadleaf plaintain lawn weed in the grass

Treating Your Dallas Lawn Now To Prevent Weeds Later

February 15, 2021

No matter how hard you work to keep your lawn well-maintained, weeds will try to ruin your efforts. They're relentless and never seem to stop. But there are ways in which you can keep weeds from taking over your lawn. By treating your lawn today, you can keep weeds away tomorrow and in the upcoming days.... Read More

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The Benefits Of Year-Round Professional Lawn Care In Dallas

January 15, 2021

Gardening and lawn care is a great American pastime – and rightfully so. Keeping your yard clean and tidy isn’t just a way to present your home in the best possible light, it’s also an important aspect of year-round pest control. Dallas homeowners should keep their lawns tidy in any month of the year, otherwise pests will start to crowd into your untidy yard. Here’s all you need to know about lawn care – and why y... Read More

dallas tx home pest control

Sixteen Easy Yet Effective Tips To Keep Pests Away From Your Dallas Property

December 15, 2020

While you can and should utilize all the pest prevention techniques at your disposal, the most effective solution for pest prevention is with ongoing assistance from the professionals here at Addison Green Lawn. Not only will we help to protect your home from any home-invading pest in the area, but we also have the proper experience and expertise to effectively eliminate any infestation should they get inside. There’s no reason you have ... Read More

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Why Fall Pre-Emergents Are A Good Idea For Your Dallas Lawn

November 13, 2020

It’s much better to be preventative when it comes to lawn care rather than try to address issues as they occur throughout the year. Responsible homeowners know that to truly protect from pests and weeds, you need to use fall pre-emergent treatments, which address problems before they form.... Read More

green healthy lawn in yard

The Best Way To Protect Your Dallas Lawn In The Fall

October 15, 2020

We know that lawn care is more than one season of intense effort, which is why our fall treatment is all part of our year-round Customized Lawn Care Service. Every lawn is different and has different needs, which is why your treatments are tailored to your lawn. And the treatments are backed by us following the natural seasonal trends that occur throughout the year.... Read More

a house and lawn with profesional landscaping

The Best Way To Prepare Your Dallas Lawn For The Cooler Months

September 15, 2020

You have insects that want to get into your yard and damage the blades of your turfgrass or feed on the roots. There are plant-damaging diseases that can attack your lawn. Drought and oversaturation can challenge the health of your grass. But one of the most complicated threats we deal with is weed control. ... Read More

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