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All The Reasons That Pre-Emergent Treatments Are Important In Dallas

November 15, 2022 - Fall Pre-Emergent

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The Importance & Benefits Of Pre-Emergent Treatment

Pre-emergent treatments are an important way to protect your lawn and garden from unwanted weeds. While post-emergent herbicides target different types of plants, pre-emergent products target stages of growth, allowing you to stop a seed from developing roots or a shoot without harming larger plant roots.

Pre-emergent herbicides create a barrier in the soil that stops weed seeds from germinating. On average, they protect treated areas for as much as one to three months, with some offering even longer lawn weed control. 

Best Practices For Pre-Emergent Herbicide Applications

Most pre-emergent herbicide products are safe when used correctly, but there are things you should keep in mind for safety as well as effectiveness, including:

  • Consider the forecast: Especially when applying liquid sprays, it's best to apply on a day with little to no wind to maximize coverage in desired areas.
  • Read the label: It may seem obvious, but products can differ, and it's important to read the label and follow the specific directions for each product. 
  • Water them in: If rain isn't in the forecast, it's generally a good idea to water after application to encourage the herbicide to seep into the soil and form a protective barrier.
  • Protect yourself: Always wear long sleeves and pants, gloves, a dust mask, and eye protection when applying pre-emergent herbicides and change clothes and wash after applications. 

By following these tips, you can safely get the most out of your weed control in lawns.

Five Best Pre-Emergent Herbicides

There are a lot of options when it comes to pre-emergent herbicides. Some of the most effective and useful variations include:

  1. Siduron: Commonly found in products designed to stop weedy annual grasses like foxtail and crabgrass.
  2. Trifluralin: Mostly used in herbicides for use in flower and vegetable gardens to prevent the germination of a wide variety of seeds.
  3. Isoxaben: Controls broadleaf weeds such as clover and bindweed.
  4. Dithiopyr: Found in many pre-emergent lawn products, dithiopyr is used to control crabgrass and other weeds. 
  5. Corn Gluten: The only natural pre-emergent herbicide on the market, this organic weed killer stops many weed seeds from germinating without chemical herbicides. 

For the best weed control for lawns, make sure to choose a product that matches your desired results. 

Let Us Treat Your Yard And Stop Weeds Before They Start

There's a lot to know about pre-emergent herbicides to ensure you are using the right formula on the right schedule for your desired results. A lawn care professional can identify the specific needs of your lawn, including the types of weeds, diseases, and insects present.

For assistance with lawn weed control service near you, the professionals at Addison Green Lawn are here to help. We provide quality lawn care in Dallas, along with tree and shrub care, and specialty lawn services to Dallas, Fort Worth, and surrounding areas. You can count on us to provide you with customized services for a greener, healthier, and weed-free yard.

Call today for a free quote for pre-emergents and any other treatments you are interested in for your Dallas property. 

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