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Answering Commonly Asked Questions About The Mosquitoes In Dallas

August 15, 2022 - Mosquitoes

mosquito biting skin of hand

Mosquitoes are a nuisance in Dallas, especially during summer or before the season. These annoying critters aren't afraid to announce their presence with the unbearable buzzing of their wings or flying around all around you.

They pose a threat to you and your family as they transmit deadly diseases like yellow fever, malaria, Zika, dengue, and chikungunya- the more reason you should call pest control in Dallas when they invade your home and yard. 

How Quickly Does A Mosquito Bite After Landing?

Female mosquitoes will bite within a second after landing on your skin. However, male mosquitoes don't suck blood. They only eat plant nectar. Females alone do it for the purpose of laying eggs.

Blood has amino acids and proteins, making it an ideal prenatal supplement for developing mosquitoes. Once the eating mosquitoes lay the eggs, they go back to drinking fruit juices and nectar with their male counterparts.

It's not always easy telling if you're dealing with a male or female mosquito. As such, you shouldn't wait to find out. Call a professional pest control company to kill mosquitoes in standing water to be on the safe side.

What Does A Mosquito Do After It Has Sucked Blood?

After feeding, the female will rest for a few days until her abdomen swells with blood before she can mate and lay eggs. The eggs need water to hatch. Females usually deposit them on the margins of stagnant pools, marshes, and ponds.

The gestation period ranges from four to ten days, depending on the species and temperature. After hatching, the larvae or "wigglers" will spend the next few days in water before becoming pupae.

Once they become adults, they fly off searching for food and a mate. The whole process from egg to adulthood takes roughly two weeks.

Can Mosquitoes Live In Chlorinated Water?

No, they can't. The chlorine in the water will kill them. The pests prefer pools or puddles of stagnant water. However, you have to treat standing water for mosquitoes for it to work.

Most people don't have this problem as the amount of chlorine in swimming pools, drinking water, and taps is usually enough to kill mosquitoes. Note that your pool's water becomes less dangerous to the types of mosquitoes in Texas after a rainstorm since the rain dilutes the chlorine.

Therefore, you should replace the water and ensure your pool is chlorinated properly to keep the buzzers away. Ensure you call a professional mosquito control service after a rainstorm so they can keep the mosquitoes in house away as you replace the water.

Total Mosquito Control For Dallas Homes

You and your family deserve the best protection from diseases spread by mosquitoes. That's what a certified pest extermination company like Addison Green Lawn can offer. We're a family-owned lawn care business in Dallas, TX, and have been in business since 2006.

We serve residents in Fort Worth and Dallas areas and strive to make your yard look its best. We believe a neat yard can minimize the mosquito population in your Dallas home and specialize in creating the lawn of your dreams according to your preference, using quality materials and equipment.

We're always punctual and offer the best customer service. You can call us if you're unsure how to maintain your lawn, and we'll come and inspect it for free. We'll identify the kind of insects, pests, and weeds it has and develop a customized service plan to bring out the vibrant green in it.

We also provide an 8-Application Lawn Treatment Program that involves preparing your beautiful lawn for all seasons of the year. See what we have to offer today.

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