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How Can Post-Emergent Herbicides Help Control Weeds in Dallas?

July 15, 2022 - Weeds

dandelion weeds in a lawn

Removing weeds can feel like a never-ending chore for North Dallas homes, businesses, and properties. No matter how much lawn care you administer on your own, it’ll never feel like enough. The average garden weed sprouts in just 12 hours, and within a full day, it can grow up to three inches. It's just a few days outside of yard work, and already it looks as if you did nothing, and that’s where a lawn treatment service can help.

Factors like the size of your property, the types of weeds growing, and the precipitation level can all affect the rate at which weeds grow. Dallas lawn care services can provide solutions to ensure that weeds never become a problem on your lawn again, no matter what time of year it is. 

To best protect your lawn between lawn service visits and keep unwanted weeds from returning, you may use solutions such as a post-emergent herbicide, described more in detail below. Read on to learn about the types of weeds that post-emergent herbicides kill and when to apply post-emergent herbicides. We’ll also provide information on how long post-emergent herbicides last and the lawn fertilizer and weed control services available through Addison Green Lawn.

What Types Of Weeds Will Post-Emergent Herbicides Kill?

Unlike pre-emergent herbicides, which tackle weeds before they start growing, post-emergent herbicides kill weeds after sprouting. Post-emergent herbicides also prevent weeds from growing back. 

The types of weeds in North Texas that post-emergent herbicides kill are:

  • Bramble 

  • Chickweed

  • Clovers

  • Crabgrass

  • Dandelion

  • Henbit

  • Nutsedge

  • Spurge

  • Thistle

It would be best to use post-emergent herbicides with professional lawn care services to experience the best results. 

When To Apply Post Emergent Herbicides

You can only use post-emergent herbicides when the temperature is between 65-degrees Fahrenheit and 85-degrees Fahrenheit. Any cooler, and it becomes difficult for weeds to absorb herbicide from the soil, deeming it ineffective, and if it’s any warmer, weeds shut down and stop absorbing the herbicide. 

In Dallas, the time to apply post-emergent herbicides is in the early-to-late spring.

How Long Do Post-Emergent Herbicides Last?

Post-emergent herbicides should generally be applied more than once each season. However, to be most effective year-round, these herbicides need to be used alongside other lawn care solutions.

While a single application of post-emergent herbicides can kill smaller, weaker plants, it won’t be effective with more stubborn weeds, such as crabgrass. Crabgrass, for example, requires a combination of pre-emergent herbicides—herbicides that tackle weeds before they germinate—and post-emergent herbicides to remove these unwelcomed plants entirely.

The number of times that post-emergent herbicide applications will be necessary depends on the types of weeds you have instead of the amount you see.

Complete Weed Control Services With Addison Green Lawn

Lawn maintenance can require a good amount of care, regardless of the size of the property. Though post-emergent herbicides will effectively remove some plants, it is not a one-fits-all solution to a more significant weed problem. To address what’s going on with your lawn, you’ll need the help of lawn treatment services in North Texas.

Addison Green Lawn is a family-owned and operated business providing lawn, tree, shrub care, and specialty lawn services to Dallas homes and properties. From its inception more than 15 years ago, Addison Green Lawn stands as a trusted provider of lawn care services, and we pride ourselves on treating our clients’ lawns like our own.

Contact Addison Green Lawn today for year-round solutions to help you achieve a green, healthy, and weed-free yard.

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