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How Pre-Emergent Applications Can Keep Your Frisco Lawn Beautiful All Year Long

January 15, 2020 - Fall Pre-Emergent

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Have you ever driven down the street and seen a lawn that just makes you go, “Wow!”? No fake turf, no cheats, just healthy, green, and stunning looking grass. It’s enough to make a self-respecting grown man cry. We are kidding of course, but seriously, who doesn’t like seeing a great looking lawn? Here at Addison Green Lawn, we are committed to helping Frisco homeowners find their perfect lawn, and one of the ways we do this is with Pre-Emergent Applications. Is this is the option for you? Let’s find out.

What Are Pre-Emergent Applications?

Keeping up with pulling weeds from your lawn is difficult, but stopping weeds before they ever pop up is actually quite easy. Here at Addison, we use Pre-Emergent Applications to prevent the growth of weeds on your property. This works by creating a barrier of herbicide on the topsoil of your lawn. This barrier is usually watered down to help it stick better. With this protective barrier in place, when the weather heats up in spring and weeds begin to grow, they find themselves unable to grow beyond their roots.

Common Weeds That Affect Grass

There are many different weeds that have been known to affect grass in negative ways. Here are just a few:

Crabgrass This warm-season weed usually grows in lawns that are thin and undernourished.

Dandelions You know these small yellow flowers. These pernicious weeds grow across lawns everywhere and when fully mature can be blown and then they multiply like wildfire.

Chickweed Identified by its white star-shaped flowers, chickweed is another common lawn problem.

Of course, these are not all the weeds known to grow here in Frisco, TX. The question is, how do weeds affect the quality of your grass? Well, for starters weeds can make your lawn look unkempt, as weeds often grow faster than grass, making it look uneven and messy. Weeds also steal nutrients your lawn needs to be healthy. Many different weeds do these things in different ways, but the result is always the same. When weeds are around, lawns suffer.

How Regular Pre-Emergent Applications Can Help

As we already mentioned, Pre-Emergent Applications create a barrier that fights weeds before they grow. When applied to your lawn on a regular basis, these treatments allow your grass the best chance of growing full and healthy. Combine this treatment with any of our other lawn care services and take your lawn above and beyond. Then you will have the grass that makes grown men cry.

Why Our 8 Application Program Is Right For You

Here at Addison Green Lawn, we treat lawns with an 8 applications program build to give your grass the best chance for success and beauty. This process involves an array of beneficial treatments and fertilization designed to target problems that arise year after year. We know how to care for lawns when it’s hot, when it’s cold, and when the rain just won’t stop falling. Through every season we have solutions to keep your lawn looking great. If you want your grass to be the talk of the neighborhood, its time to give us a call. Our professional lawn care specialists are standing by ready to assist.

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