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How To Keep Your Dallas Lawn Weed-Free All Year

September 17, 2021 - Weeds

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Every homeowner wants to achieve the aesthetic of a clean, lush, vibrantly green lawn year-round, but this isn’t possible if weeds are ravaging the yard. Weeds are always problematic, but knowing how they affect lawn health, how to spot a weed problem in your yard, and how to reduce growth can ensure they don’t “grow” into a bigger problem for you.

What Are Weeds & Why Are They Problematic?

Weeds are essentially plants that grow where they are unwanted, such as in gardens, yards, fields, and farms. When weeds grow alongside grasses, flowers, and other plants, they compete with them for limited resources, such as water, nutrients, sunlight, and space - and they’re not “weedy” contestants either.

Some weeds are so competitive that they release compounds into the air or attach to the roots of neighboring vegetation, weakening surrounding plants. They’re also highly adaptive; as you’ll notice, no matter how poor the weather conditions are for keeping a healthy lawn, so long as temperatures are moderate, they’ll continue to grow, and many of them shoot up between one and three inches a day.

But more commonly, weeds absorb nutrients from the soil, some more than others, causing a deficiency. Because these pesky plants are so keen at soaking in nutrients, fertilizers don’t always help, as weeds are quick to absorb these, too. With wanted plants lacking nutrients, they wind up in a dull, patchy, and weakened state becoming vulnerable to other problems like insect infestations.

In the Dallas-Fort Worth area, common lawn weeds include dallisgrass, nutsedge, spotted surge, henbit, and dandelion.

How Can I Spot & Predict Lawn Weed Overgrowth?

Most of the time, weed problems are easy to detect. Weeds tend to grow quickly and abundantly, and because they are pilfering nutrients from the soil, the grass in your yard will look uneven and lackluster in appearance. You may also notice wildflowers, such as daisies or dandelions growing as well. However, sometimes weeds aren’t always so simple to detect. Another telltale sign is a lawn that remains bright green when it’s not receiving much water.

Weeds fall into one of two categories, annual and perennial, and determining which type is infesting your lawn will help you understand the growth cycle and determine a plan of action for removal. Annuals are weeds that spread from seeds, grow for a year, and then die. Perennials are more difficult to tackle than annuals because they spread from both their seeds and their roots, and if the root isn’t pulled in its entirety, every piece that’s left behind can germinate into a new plant and make its return season after season.

How Can I Reduce Lawn Weeds?

There are a few preventative actions that can be taken to reduce weed growth in your lawn. Some of these include:

  • deeply watering the grass two to three times each week 
  • aerating and overseeding your lawn in the spring and fall
  • applying fertilizer seasonally

If overgrowth persists, ongoing professional assistance can provide weed control; services work best when coupled with fertilization and regular mowing and watering practices.

The Experts At Addison Green Lawn Can Help

Addison Green Lawn provides weed control solutions by applying the right amount of product to eliminate weeds, both pre-and post-emergent. Specialty services for nutsedge and dallisgrass treatment specifically target weeds most invasive to Dallas-Fort Worth-area homes, and pest control services tackle other issues if and when they arise.

For upkeep throughout the year, our eight-application lawn treatment program takes into account factors such as grass type, climate, and water system to develop the perfect plan to ready your lawn care for all 12 months of the year. In preparing for the upcoming season, contact Addison Green Lawn to learn more about our fall pre-emergent herbicides - and we’ll get your lawn back to seeing brighter days soon.

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