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Is Our 8-Application Program Right For Your Frisco Property?

October 15, 2019 - Lawn Care

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Having plants, trees, and shrubs on your property with the purpose of beautifying your home is easy. Knowing the right way to take care of them, on the other hand, is not so easy. Here at Addison Green Lawn, we have an 8-application program that provides everything your landscaping needs. Let us show you how it works.

The 8 Applications

1. Dormant Horticultural Oil: This step involves a natural oil which is applied around your yard in targeted areas to keep away overwintering insects such as scale aphids and spider mites.

2. Spring Deep Root Fertilization: Specially formatted, this step balances fertilizer with iron/micro nutrients and encourages top growth and strong roots. Deep spring root fertilization also increases flowering and improves insect (and disease) resistance in your trees, making them greener and healthier.

3. Spring Insect and Disease Control: This step is designed to fight back against fungal diseases such as powdery mildew and plant-destroying insects such as spider mites and aphids.

4. Early Summer Insect and Disease Control: This step is designed to control insects such as bag worms, spider mites, and canker worms. It also works to reduce disease impact on your plants.

5. Summer Insect and Disease Control: Similar to early summer insect and disease control, this step is designed to reduce disease impact and fight against insects such as spider mites, canker worms, aphids, web worms, thrips, and another chewing/sucking pests.

6. Late Summer Insect and Disease Control: In this step, our experts thoroughly inspect your plants, trees, and shrubs for any insect activity and treat as needed for seasonal pests.

7. Horticultural Oil Insect Treatment: Just like step one, this step is designed to fight against scales and spider mites before they overwinter on your property.

8. Early Winter Deep-Rood Fertilization: After a long hot summer, your landscape needs plenty of nourishment to help it to be strong against winter injury.

The Benefits Of Our 8-Application Program

These steps may seem like a lot just to keep your landscaping healthy and beautiful, but we assure you, every step is worth it. Your plants, trees, and shrubs will never look more alive when they have the best protection in place against disease and pests.

Why Addison Is The Right Choice For You

You will not find a friendlier or more professional group of experts than those at Addison Green Lawn. We have worked long and hard to know what your lawn and landscaping needs to thrive. We would be happy to share our secrets and success with you! To learn more about our 8-application tree and shrub program, or to schedule a lawn care service visit for your landscaping, reach out to us today and let us find the inner beauty of your yard.

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