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Now Is The Time To Think About Your Fertilization Plan For Your Dallas Lawn

April 15, 2020 - lawn fertilization

a green and healthy lawn in dallas

First impressions are everything. Your first handshake with a potential boss can make or break an interview. One weird joke on a first date could stop you from ever having a second one. Even giving a Russian a thumbs-up can breed ill will. (If you didn’t know, a thumbs-up in Russia is an extremely offensive gesture.) What might surprise you is that your lawn often gives people their first impression of you. Are new neighbors moving in next door? One look at your lawn, and they can tell some important things about you. Invite a group of friends over for an outdoor gathering. If your lawn is a mess, some may never come back to pay you a visit. If you value good first impressions, now is your time to consider a fertilization plan for your Dallas lawn.

Benefits Of Fertilization

Proper nutrients are extremely important when it comes to maintaining a healthy and lush lawn. Here are just a few benefits a quality fertilization plan can have for your property.

  • Weed Defense: Weeds are notorious for crowding and sucking the life out of grass. With the right fertilization, however, your lawn can have the protection it needs to stay weed-free. This allows your grass to receive the nutrients and water that it needs to remain healthy and green.

  • Disease Resistance: Just like humans, your grass can get sick. Fertilization helps grass resist dangerous diseases to stay healthier longer.

  • Soil Protection: Runoff and soil health can affect the quality of your grass. Fertilization helps keep topsoil healthy so that nutrients can more easily reach your grass.

  • Improved Growth: Have you ever dealt with patchy or uneven grass? If you long for even, thick, and healthy grass, fertilization will do the trick.

  • Pest Defense: Many pests love eating grass. With the right mixture of pest control and general nutrients, fertilization can help resist a number of lawn-destroying pests.

The Downfalls Of Fertilizing On Your Own

It can seem pretty simple to fertilize a lawn. All you have to do is go to the store, pick up some fertilizer, and spread it evenly, right? Wrong. To properly fertilize a lawn, one must know a few things such as how to measure the PH of a lawn, or what quantity should be used depending on the condition of the lawn. Other factors like disease and pests also come into play with choosing the right fertilizer. Just one thing wrong and the fertilizer you buy and apply can hurt your lawn more than help it.    If you feel we are wrong about this, take a trip to your local lawn care provider and walk down the fertilizer aisle. There are more options than you could ever imagine. Only one is the right choice for your lawn.

Our 8 Application Process

At Addison Green Lawn, we use a combination of 8 distinct applications to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful year-round. These applications are designed specifically to work with the changing of seasons, taking into account factors such as current lawn diseases, pest pressures, temperature change, and increase or decrease of rainfall. Our team has been trained in how to evaluate lawns to determine and put in place the most beneficial treatment plans possible. We would be happy to get your lawn what it needs to help you make a great first impression.

If you are ready for your lawn to be the talk of the neighborhood, we are here to help. Give Addison a call today if you would like to discuss treatment options for your lawn.

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