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Stay Ahead Of Lawn Pests In Dallas

February 15, 2022 - Lawn Pests

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If that picturesquely lush green lawn still eludes you even after hours upon hours of back-breaking work, then it may come as a relief to hear that it's likely not your fault—there may just be something you're missing. Lawn pests can be a terrible detriment to the overall health of your grass and gardens, and there are a wide variety of pesky invaders that one has to consider. It can seem overwhelming at first, but in this guide we'll outline everything you need to know about the potential lawn pests in Dallas, from the most common culprits to the most effective means of pest control available.

Pre-Emergent Lawn Pests To Look Out For In Dallas

The most pressing concerns when it comes to lawn care are the various bugs, weeds, and fungus that are all looking to eke out a living in lieu of your grass. Here are a few of the most common culprits to look out for:

  • Fire ants: an infamous outdoor menace whose colonies often form in the most inconvenient locations around your yard, resulting in swarms of painful bites.

  • Armyworms: inch-long little caterpillar-esque worms that will eat your plants with impunity.

  • Mosquitos: the number one most hated insect of any outdoor lover, their larvae can infest any stagnant water around your yard

  • Chinch bugs: tiny, winged insects that eat grass

  • White grubs: these beetle larvae are often found curled up in the soil, but when they're active they'll eat the roots off of your grass

  • Fungus: various types of fungus are often the cause of apparently random brown patches throughout your yard

  • Dandelions: a signature summertime sight, these weeds are deceptively pretty, but drain vital nutrients away from your lawn

  • Crabgrass: this tough, unsightly weed will choke your entire lawn if left unchecked

  • Thistle: another deceptively pretty flowering weed that will nevertheless destroy your yard

  • Ragweed: these plants are absolutely packed with pollen, and thus trigger allergies like nothing else

When it comes to lawn problems, the list of possible culprits is quite long! If you're struggling to diagnose your lawn problem, the experts at Addison Green Lawn can help. 

Why Lawn Pests Are A Nuisance

Whether it's weeds, bugs, or wild animals, their unwelcome presence in your lawn can be a massive detriment to its health and aesthetic appeal. Weeds and fungus kill grass and gardens by out-competing the grass for much-needed water and nutrients, resulting in dead grass and lots of ugly, wild patches growing instead. The various insects in our area operate similarly, except instead of out-competing the grass they simply eat it. What's worse, pests in your Dallas lawn means it's often only a matter of time before some of them move inside, or spread to your neighbor's yard.

How To Prevent Lawn Pests

Proper lawn care is no easy task, especially if you're trying to account for every potential pest all by yourself. That's why we highly recommend you partner with the professionals at Addison Green Lawn for comprehensive lawn care coverage. However, there are a few things you can do to prevent the pests from finding their way onto your lawn in the first place. Try the following steps:

  • Keep your lawn trimmed and free from organic debris

  • Reduce any sources of excess moisture

  • Engage in a regular watering and fertilizing routine

No matter how hard you try, you still may be grappling at ways to have a pristine lawn. IN the end, it's best to partner with the knowledgeable professionals at Addison Green Lawn for pre-emptive treatment and year-round lawn maintenance. 

Lawn Care For Pre-Emergent Pests

The certified experts at Addison Green Lawn can provide your lawn with complete protection from any and all potential pests, using our specialized pre-emergent treatment plans. We'll keep pests from cropping up early by treating your lawn before they can find it, effectively establishing an unbreakable barrier to keep your yard pest-free for the new season with zero hassle. Reach out to Addison Green Lawn and achieve the ideal front yard.

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