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The Best Pre-Emergent System For Your Dallas Lawn

January 15, 2022 - Lawn Care

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When it comes to keeping your lawn beautiful throughout the year, prevention and planning ahead can go a long way. It’s so much more effective to focus on addressing problems before they arise than to try to remove them once they do. Luckily, there are ways to keep your lawn protected, and pre-emergent treatments are one of the best ways to do so for your Dallas property.

What Are Pre-Emergent Treatments?

While the name might not be familiar to you, pre-emergents are pretty simple to understand. They are just treatments, usually in the form of sprays, that treat your lawn to guard against weeds. These sprays are made up of compounds that don’t harm grass or other plants but that do eliminate weeds. 

These treatments don’t just protect grass either, as they can also guard decorative flowers and other plant varieties against problem weeds. Some of the specific weed varieties that can be protected against include dandelions and crabgrass.

When Should You Apply Pre-Emergents To Your Dallas Lawn?

Taking care of your yard is a year-long process, and this is especially true in a place like Dallas where temperatures don’t get as cold as other places around the country. For this reason, you’ll have the most beautiful, vibrant, and clear yard if you use preventative measures as the year goes by and work with a lawn care professional.

This is why Addison Green Lawn’s lawn care plan focuses on applying various treatments spread throughout the year. We also apply pre-emergents at specific times to target when weeds are the most likely to spread.

In the winter, we apply pre-emergents that protect against winter grasses, chickweed, and henbit. In the spring, our pre-emergent treatments focus on crabgrass, dandelions, and thistle. Then, in the fall, we apply another round of pre-emergents to address winter grasses and broadleaf weeds. 

All of these applications are done at intervals as part of our 8-application lawn treatment program that takes a seasonal and customizable approach to caring for your individual property.

Can You Use Pre-Emergents On Your Own?

You will see pre-emergent products at various stores, so you might be wondering if you should use these on your own instead of partnering with the pros. However, the truth is that DIY lawn care can be a big hassle and is sometimes risky.

Depending on how large your property is, it can take a lot of time and effort to actually apply the treatment and liquid sprays, and you might be worried about if you’re doing so correctly. You don’t want to end up with products that are ineffectual, or even worse, that could harm your grass or other plants. Working with strong compounds can be dangerous to animals and even people, too, if you don’t know what you’re doing or aren’t investing in high-quality, professional care.

With professional lawn assistance, you’ll be able to get reliable services from experts. Our trained technicians have experience applying these products, and we make sure everything we use is safe for the plants you want to have around. We also ensure that you, your family, and your pets are kept safe.

Learn More About Protecting Your Yard

If you’re looking to keep your home and yard looking bright and kept up throughout the year, give the experts at Addison Green Lawn a call. We can tell you more about our comprehensive lawn care programs and all they entail, and we can also answer any questions you might have about specific problems you’re having on your property.

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