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The Best Way To Deal With Broadleaf Weeds In Your Dallas Lawn

July 15, 2021 - Lawn Care

broadleaf weed in a dallas yard

Weeds are divided up into grassy weeds, broadleaf weeds, and sedge weeds. Broadleaf weeds tend to be the most noticeable. They have leaves and flowers. They also grow rapidly and can really spread over your lawn. 

Annual weeds grow and die in one season. They often spread seeds aggressively so they come back every year. They have shallow root systems which make them easier to treat. Perennial weeds live for two or more years. They are harder to treat because they put down deeper roots and keep coming back.

Common Broadleaf Weeds In Dallas

Each area has its own cluster of broadleaf weeds. Below are descriptions of the most common broadleaf weeds in Dallas. 

  • Henbit is a common winter annual broadleaf weed. It has square green or purple stems that branch from the base. The flowers are purple or pink and are tube-shaped. Henbit germinates in the fall, growing over the winter. By spring, henbit is poised to take over your lawn.

  • Chickweed thrives in cool, shady, moist areas. It is also a winter annual. The leaves are green, round, and smooth, and the stems are hairy. They spread out and mat with other stems and leaves. It has tiny white flowers on it. It seeds in the spring after the flowers fade.

  • Spotted spurge is an annual. Its stems are red, thin, and hairy and grow out from a central point like spokes on a wheel. The leaves are dark green with a red spot on them. They grow in pairs opposite each other. This weed has a toxic milky sap, so if you try to pull them, wear gloves.

  • Dandelions are perennial weeds that are very common. They have ragged leaves that point back to the base of the plant. They have stalks that have a single, yellow flower during the spring. In summer, the seeds form and are ready to be spread on the wind. Dandelions have a deep, thick taproot that makes them hard to pull up.

  • Purslane is another annual broadleaf weed. It has purple-red stems that grow horizontally into a mat with other stems. The thick, green, oval leaves grow alternately along the stems. The small yellow flowers usually have five petals.

Weed Problems

Weeds can spread in a lawn and really diminish your enjoyment of it. Lots of weeds can destroy a golf court, playing field, or other manicured surface. They can outcompete your grass and cause it to die. They spread quickly, too, so the problem just gets worse quickly.

How Weeds Happen

Many weeds are spread by windborne seeds. They can come from plants that are miles away from your house. Birds and animals carry other weed seeds to your yard. Once the weeds are there, they grow. Annuals produce enough seeds to spread across the yard if they are not checked. Perennials come back every year and usually spread by seed or rhizome. Many weeds can grow from broken pieces left behind when the plant is pulled. Each piece becomes a separate plant. If the lawn is cut too short, is overwatered, or the soil is compacted, grass may die out in areas, and that allows weeds to fill up the empty space. Finally, incorrectly using over-the-counter herbicides may damage the lawn you are trying to save, making things even worse.

Protect Your Lawn From Weeds

It is not realistic to expect weeds to go away completely. However, the pros at Addison Green Lawn can get them under control for you. We know when to treat your lawn for different weeds, when to fertilize, how high to set the mower, and everything else needed to keep your lawn in good shape. We can also take care of your trees and shrubs. 

When you contact us, we will provide a free inspection of your property. We will note any pests, diseases, or weeds that are causing trouble and come up with a plan to restore your lawn to health. Call Addison Green Lawn at (972) 787-0748 today and enjoy your lawn all season long.

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