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The Dangers Of Having Fire Ants In Your Dallas Lawn

April 15, 2021 - Ants

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Anyone who has grown up in the southern states is likely familiar with fire ants. If you notice large soil mounds, tiny red ants, or soft spots in the ground that seem to be moving, you know to keep away for your own safety! Fire ants like the ones we have in Dallas are surprisingly small when compared to the painful bites they are so apt to leave behind. These pests measure a mere ¼ inch at maturity but leave a burning 'calling card' that may last for days. Red, orange, or bright burgundy colors are often the primary giveaway of this species.

A single fire ant nest may contain up to 200,000 colony members, which is about the size of a small city! These creatures work together in huge teams to find food by transporting crumbs, garbage, and other edible leftovers to their queen and her larvae. Colonies are extremely territorial and will quite literally go to war with any species of ant, pet, or person who get too close. If you have more than one fire ant colony on your lawn, you can bet that tensions are tight. 

Fire ants are an unwelcome guest on any property, especially where there are young children or pets about. A failure to protect your lawn may lead to several unwanted consequences down the road, as we will soon discover.

The Many Problems Of Dallas Fire Ants

Fire ants are not just annoying pests with stingers and mandibles. In fact, they can be downright dangerous to human health. Fire ants can both bite and sting you at the same time. Unlike honeybees, these creatures can sting multiple times without stopping or becoming injured. The venom found in these stings is a complex mixture of proteins and chemicals, all of which amount to a toxic, dangerous solution. Most bites appear to be no more than a raised pimple or pustule against the skin, but make no mistake: fire ant bites and stings hurt like nobody’s business. 

Getting a fire ant sting is not always a learn-and-let-live scenario. For people with allergies or sensitivities to fire ant stings, medical attention or even hospitalization may be necessary. Anaphylactic shock is quite common, and there are several documented cases of adults being stung and eventually killed by these pets. 

What’s worse, fire ants are made even more problematic due to their growth rate and incredible colony sizes. When threatened, fire ants simply pack up and leave home to recolonize. They will all leave their nesting site until the coast is clear, then sneak back into their homes for repairs and resettlement. If you already have a fire ant problem on your Dallas lawn, hot water or over-the-counter purchases are not going to solve the issue. Worried about what might be outside? Get a household inspection from Addison Green Lawn to evaluate your fire ant safety today.

Take On Your Fire Ant Fiends With Addison Green Lawn

No matter where in Dallas you live, fire ants may still be a huge problem in your lawn and garden. After all, they are nothing like your average ant species. These creatures can injure, maim, and even kill grown adults. The prospects of housing a colony on your property certainly do not look good. 

Don’t panic when fire ant colonies come to colonize your Dallas home. Choose to take the best route by relying on professional assistance from Addison Green Lawn. Our staff is ready to serve you with the fire ant solutions you need right now. Complete the contact form below to get started on a pest control or lawn care plan today!

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