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Types Of Weeds That Could Be Killing Your Dallas Lawn

August 14, 2020 - Weeds

crab grass weeds in a dallas lawn

Some things in life should be much simpler than they actually are. Can you imagine if all it took to maintain a happy and healthy lawn was to water it daily? Everyone would have pristine grass. Unfortunately, this just isn’t the case. Keeping up with a healthy and happy lawn takes a tremendous amount of effort and one of the things you have to make sure is done right is proper weed control.

If weeds are killing your Dallas lawn and you don’t know how to stop them, we are here to help. Here are three different weeds you should know about and some strategies to keep them away for good.


If you have ever seen thicker grass growing parallel to the ground around your yard, you might be dealing with crabgrass. This common weed grows outward and feels rough to the touch.


Dallisgrass is very similar in appearance and texture to crabgrass. This tenacious weed is more resilient than crabgrass. Where crabgrass won’t grow back if you pull it up, dallisgrass will continue to plague your lawn as a few roots remain underground.


Purple and yellow nutsedge, also known as nutgrass is a pernicious and aggressive weed found around our area. Easily identifiable by its purple and or yellow leaves, nutsedge is believed by many to be one of the hardest weeds to treat in the area.

Why Weeds Are So Troublesome

All weeds are a bit different, but most share a couple of troublesome things in common. For one, weeds compete with healthy grass for nutrients and sunlight. The bigger weeds grow, the more turf struggles to get what it needs to survive. Over time, this can lead to dead or weak-looking grass. Additionally, weeds are unsightly and often grow faster than the grass around them. This can make lawns look uneven and ugly.

One big problem associated with weeds is how difficult they are to treat. Furthermore, each weed requires a different treatment method. Some weeds require pre-emergent treatments, others require post-emergent treatments, and many require both. In addition to this, some products don’t work with certain weeds. The only way to know what works best is experience.

Some Things You Can Do To Prevent Weeds

Although handling weeds after they have popped up is difficult, there are several things you can do preemptively to stop weeds before they get out of control. Here are a few tips our experts recommend:

  • Don’t disturb the soil around your home. Most weed seeds are buried too deep to properly grow. The more you interact with soil, the more likely weed seeds will begin to grow.

  • Mulch where you can, especially around plants you want to keep happy and healthy. Weeds have a hard time growing through thick mulch and an even harder time growing in mulch that is combined with weed killer.

  • Chop off weeds at their head. This can help temporarily but is not effective in the long run.

  • Plant plants close together to kill surrounding weeds with shade.

The Absolute Best Way To Keep Weeds Out Of Your Lawn

Unless you pride yourself on being a landscaper and gardener, weed control is best left to the professionals. To save yourself from hours of painstaking yardwork, let the experts here at Addison Green Lawn lend a helping hand. We use only the highest quality products to service lawns and use our combined years of experience to ensure only the best service for our clients.

Reach out to us today to find out more about how we treat lawns for weeds or to schedule a service visit for your Dallas property.

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