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What You Can Do Now To Protect Your Dallas Lawn This Spring

February 15, 2023 - Lawn Care

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A lot goes into running a home or business. In many cases, getting lawn care services is last on a long list of responsibilities. Sometimes, it is not even a thought. Most people assume that looking after a yard is simple. They figure there’s nothing more to do once you mow the grass; this is a major misconception. A host of diseases, weeds, and other menaces can ruin your lot. Having an unsightly exterior can bring down the value of your property or deter guests and customers. You must consider having lawn spraying in Dallas this spring. 

It’s harder to overcome yard issues once they’ve begun, so it would be prudent to focus on prevention. The average person doesn’t know where to start with protective measures. While many products for disease and weed control for lawns exist, not all are useful. Find out the best options and how Addison Green Lawn can help. We offer commercial and residential landscaping. 

When Do Weeds Become A Problem For Dallas Lawns?

As the weather gets warmer in the region and rain showers become more frequent, greenery will flourish. Beautiful flowers and shrubs will bud and bloom. However, with this growth comes hungry insects, animals, and weeds. Various species of weeds wreak havoc throughout the year, but those that come up in the spring ones are particularly challenging to manage. Three common types of weeds in Dallas are crabgrass, dandelion, and dallisgrass.

  • Crabgrass: This weed can rapidly disperse. You can identify it by its clumps and hairiness. Its distinctive eight-inch leaves have a noticeable midvein, the stem is flattened and purple, and the seed heads are five inches and pointy.

  • Dandelion: The beauty of this species is misleading. It’s not as harmless a flower as it seems and shouldn’t be allowed to thrive. The development of a prior taproot is possible with dandelions. It can withstand different forms of soil, has vast flower heads that are bright yellow and sit on thick and hairy stems, and the sun enables dandelions to thrive. 

  • Dallisgrass: Dallisgrass is also lumpy and becomes rather wide in diameter. Its underground stems are short, and the leaf blades are a mix of gray and green and have a coarse texture. At the base of the stems is some purple coloration. Dallisgrass swiftly grows and creates an uneven ground, making it tough to mow.

With regular lawn care maintenance, you’ll increase the chances of catching these weeds early. 

Why Now Is The Time To Think About Lawn Control For Spring

Again, weeds and similar destructive organisms arise simultaneously with budding spring greenery. The sooner you prepare your yard for defense, the better. Weeds aggressively take essentials like space, air, water, and nutrients, obstructing the steady growth of healthy specimens and inviting ravenous insects. Furthermore, drought and disease are potential outcomes. Ultimately, you may have a lawn that appears discolored and infertile. 

What Are Pre-Emergent Lawn Services? 

Pre-emergent lawn services create a protective barrier for soil and block weed seeds from fully sprouting. Many methods involve herbicide toxins. These substances can eradicate undesirable plants while protecting wanted specimens. It’s important to leave the application of such agents to professional landscaping companies. Only specialists have the expertise to employ treatments correctly and safely. 

Protect Your Dallas Lawn With Help From Addison Green Lawn

At Addison Green Lawn, we have uniquely fashioned yard solutions. Our 8-Application Lawn Treatment program will cover key seasonal needs throughout the year, including weed and disease control. We also have specific programs for dallisgrass, trees and shrubs, core aeration, and more. You can depend on us for a full-service experience that is customized and innovative. Call or email us today to schedule a free inspection with no obligation! 

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