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Why Fall Pre-Emergents Are A Good Idea For Your Dallas Lawn

November 13, 2020 - Lawn Care

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It’s much better to be preventative when it comes to lawn care rather than try to address issues as they occur throughout the year. Responsible homeowners know that to truly protect from pests and weeds, you need to use fall pre-emergent treatments, which address problems before they form.

What Are Pre-Emergents?

Pre-emergent treatments are sprays that treat a lawn with compounds that are safe for the grass but harmful to weeds. This helps protect grass and decorative flowers from encroaching weeds in the spring and fall. While you can find pre-emergent products at local department stores, chances are you aren’t trained in how to thoroughly treat your lawn and don't have the equipment needed to make quick work of the task. Not only can professional technicians help administer pre-emergents to your lawn, but we also offer all-in-one seasonal protection, which wards off invasive pests and helps bolster the health of your yard with nutrients.

Benefits Of Seasonal Protection

Fall treatments are important because, thanks to our warm climate in Texas, weeds can thrive all year-round. During the times of the year when the grass is slowing down, weeds and crabgrass can emerge to overtake your lawn. What makes weeds so prevalent is the fact that their long taproots can go much deeper into the soil than your typical decorative plants. That can make weeding by hand nearly impossible. Seasonal treatments get ahead of this problem by filling the soil with compounds that halt the growth of weeds. Early prevention lets you enjoy your winter, not spend it worrying about the grass and bushes.    Seasonal pre-emergent treatments can help keep the following types of weeds out of your lawn:

  • Dandelions: Little kids might love the bright yellow colors of their blooms and the puffy wisps of dead dandelions, but homeowners know just how annoying this weed can be. Seasonal treatments are much more effective at curbing and preventing dandelions than hand weeding.

  • Crabgrass & Dallisgrass: These two thick, clumpy forms of grass typically encroach during warmer months, which is proof that seasonal protection isn’t just something to think about once. You have to stay on top of it.

  • Henbit: Also known as “dead-nettle,” this purple weed would be pretty if it weren’t so good at spreading and ruining other decorative plants. Often, only professionals can remove a population of henbit.

How Does It Work?

The reason our pre-emergent treatment is so effective is that it treats a broad range of invasive weeds and grasses. Store-bought products often only address the most common types of weeds and don’t account for regional plants or strains of a common nuisance plant. At Addison Green Lawn, we don’t just spray your grass and leave, we form a partnership with property owners. Here’s the process, in a few simple steps:

  • Inspection: Our initial inspections check for existing weeds or problem areas. This helps us apply the right treatment to your property.

  • Treatment: Our back-mounted misters administer the pre-emergent treatment, covering your entire lawn and soils where decorative plants might be at risk of weed encroachment.

  • Follow-up: Not only will we treat your lawn, but we’ll also follow up with you and make sure that the solutions worked. If re-application is needed, we’ll do it at no cost.

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For thorough lawn care that you can trust, it’s better to turn to experts for assistance rather than try to do it all on your own. In Texas, keeping your yard looking healthy can be a tall order, especially when seasonal weeds are a problem year-round. With help from Addison Green Lawn and our proven pre-emergent treatments, you can rest easy knowing that weeds will never be a concern for your yard. Don’t waste time, money, or energy on store-bought or home-brewed solutions that might not even work. Instead, contact us today.

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