Lawn Care in Dallas, TX from Addison GreenLawn

If you love your yard but would rather avoid the work that maintaining it requires, consider hiring a full-service lawn care company like Addison GreenLawn. Not only do we offer customized lawn care service, but we also care for trees and shrubs. We even have a specialty service that provides pest control and aeration as well as treatments for invasive grass and plants.

Customized Lawn Care

To make sure that your lawn looks its best, we provide customized lawn care. Depending on your grass type, watering system and climate, we’ll use a balanced granular or liquid application to fertilize your lawn and control weeds. We take a seasonal approach to lawn care. This technique involves readying your grass for winter, making sure that your lawn has enough nutrients for spring and applying weed control as needed during the summer and fall. We also apply treatments to manage invasive grasses.

8-Application Lawn Treatment Program

Season Application
Winter Liquid application of pre- and post-emergent weed controls. Controls winter grasses, henbit, chickweed, and other broadleaf weeds.
Early Spring Liquid application of pre- and post-emergent weed controls for crabgrass and broadleaf weeds such as dandelions, thistle, and henbit.
Spring Granular and/or liquid application of Addison GreenLawn’s best slow-release, balanced fertilizer to stimulate spring “green-up.” Weed control applied as needed.
Early Summer/Summer/
Late Summer
Granular and/or liquid application of Addison GreenLawn’s best slow-release, balanced fertilizer. Weed control applied as needed.
Fall Liquid application of pre- and post-emergent weed controls for the control of early- germinating winter grasses and broadleaf weeds.
Late Fall Liquid application of pre- and post-emergent weed controls to extend the winter weed protection. Difficult grasses, Dallisgrass, and Nutsedge require different treatments at an additional cost. See Specialty Services for details.

Tree and Shrub Program

When a professional lawn care company like ours maintains your trees and shrubs, they’re more likely to be healthy and happy. Like the grass care that we provide, our tree and shrub program is customized to your climate and the conditions of your soil. This allows us to give your landscaping the best possible care. When you sign up for our program, your trees and shrubs will receive seasonal care. This includes applying horticulture oil, which controls insects like spider mites, aphids and scale. These insects winter in trees and shrubs.

We also provide specialized tree and shrub treatment for spring. This treatment is a properly balanced fertilizer that includes micronutrients and iron. It is formulated to encourage strong roots and top growth, giving your plants more insect and disease fighting support. It also improves flowering and fruiting. Our spring treatment prevents and controls fungus while our summer treatment is designed to repel insects like bagworms and cankerworms. When you sign up for our service, your trees and shrubs will also receive treatment in the late summer, fall and early winter.

Our Specialty Services

Our specialty services include fire ant control, aeration, dallisgrass treatment, & nutsedge treatment. 

Fire ants are a problem pest. They destroy plants, and some people are highly allergic to their painful sting. At Addison GreenLawn, we have a blanket treatment available, one that provides fire ant control. It even stops them from spreading through your lawn. We guarantee fire ant control for one year.

Aeration is a treatment that improves the health of your grass by controlling thatch and enhancing soil structure. It aids growth and makes it possible for air, fertilizer and water to reach your lawn’s root zone.

Along with aeration, we also treat invasive grass like Dallisgrass as well as tough-to-eliminate weeds such as nutsedges. Weeds like nutsedges come in many different varieties. They look like grass, but they vary in how they grow, hue and growth rate. Nutsedges have thick, stiff leaves, and they’ll appear in groups of three.

Extensive and Thorough Care

With lawn and plant care from Addison GreenLawn, your home’s outdoor greenery is sure to look its best year-round. From offering fire ant control to aeration and weed control, Addison GreenLawn is a full-service provider. Contact us for a free quote today!