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Lawn Care Services In Dallas, TX

Full-Service Lawn Care For Your Dallas-Fort Worth Area Property!

You love having a beautiful yard, but often find yourself pressed to find the time it takes to keep it looking the way you want it to look. With everything else you have on your plate, it would be nice to hand the task over to someone else - that’s why Addison Green Lawn is here! Not only do we offer customized lawn care services, but we also care for trees and shrubs to make your Dallas yard and landscape greener, healthier, and weed-free. Addison Green Lawn is the full-service lawn care company that you’ve been looking for!

Our Customized Lawn Care Services

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At Addison Green Lawn, we've been providing lawn care services to homes and businesses in DFW since 2006 to meet their unique lawn needs. Whether you're dealing with weeds, lawn pests, or other lawn problems, we've got you covered!

Free Inspections

When you realize you need help maintaining your lawn, but you’re not exactly sure what it needs, contact Addison Green Lawn for a free inspection. During our inspection we'll identify the types of weeds, diseases, and insects that are present on your property and the reason for your lawn’s problems. In addition, we’ll also determine the type of turf you have. From there, we'll customize a lawn care plan, taking into account the specific issues your lawn has, and the types of fertilizers and herbicides that will work best to correct those problems.

8-Application Lawn Treatment Program

Our 8-application lawn treatment program is a seasonal approach to lawn care that involves readying your grass for the winter, ensuring proper nutrients for spring, and applying weed control and treatments for invasive grasses in summer and fall. Because we customize our treatments for each individual lawn, we’ll consider your grass type, climate, and water system to determine a balanced granular and liquid application that will fertilize your lawn and control the growth of weeds.

Winter: Liquid application of pre-emergent and post-emergent weed controls that manages winter grasses, henbit, chickweed, and other broadleaf weeds.

Early Spring: Liquid application of pre-emergent and post-emergent weed controls for crabgrass as well as broadleaf weeds such as dandelions, thistle, and henbit.

Spring: Granular and/or liquid application of Addison Green Lawn’s best slow-release, balanced fertilizer to stimulate spring “green-up,” and weed control as needed.

Early Summer/Summer/Late Summer: Granular and/or liquid application of Addison Green Lawn’s best slow-release, balanced fertilizer, and weed control as needed.

Fall: Liquid application of pre-emergent and post-emergent weed controls for the management of early- germinating winter grasses and broadleaf weeds.

Late Fall: Liquid application of both pre-emergent and post-emergent weed controls to extend your level of winter weed protection.

*Difficult grasses, dallisgrass, and nutsedge require different treatments at an additional cost. See our Specialty Services page for details!

Our Tree & Shrub Treatment Program

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Having a lawn full of healthy, green grass is wonderful, but it’s only part of the equation. In addition to a well-maintained lawn, beautiful, healthy landscaping will set your yard apart. At Addison Green Lawn, our Tree and Shrub Program is designed to meet all of your landscaping needs. When you partner with us, we'll do everything possible to provide you with healthy plants, trees, and shrubs.

Like our lawn care program, we'll customize our Tree and Shrub Program to your lawn’s specific landscaping needs, basing the products we use on the trees and shrubs in your yard and which treatments will benefit them the most.

8-Application Tree and Shrub Program

Dormant/Horticultural Oil: This application of horticultural oils helps to control overwintering insects such as scales, aphids, and spider mites.

Spring Deep-Root Fertilization: This specially formulated, deep-root, balanced fertilizer with iron/micronutrients encourages both strong root and top growth, increases fruiting and flowering, and improves insect and disease resistance, helping the plants, trees, and shrubs in your yard grow greener and healthier.

Spring Insect & Disease Control: This inspection and treatment prevents and controls fungal diseases and insects such as powdery mildew, spider mites, and aphids.

Early Summer Insect & Disease Control: This inspection and treatment reduces disease impact and controls insects such as cankerworms, bagworms, and spider mites.

Summer Insect & Disease Control: This inspection and treatment reduces disease impact and controls insects like aphids, spider mites, cankerworms, webworms, and thrips.

Late Summer Insect & Disease Control: This inspection and treatment works to control seasonal insect pressures and reduce disease activity.

Horticultural Oil Insect Treatment: This application of horticultural oils works to control stubborn insects such as scales and spider mites.

Early Winter Deep-Root Fertilization: This is the best time to feed your trees and shrubs after our summer’s devastating heat and drought stress to help prevent winter injury.

Our Landscaping & Lawn Care Process

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Free Inspections

Here at Addison Green Lawn, our team of experts can help you determine the problem areas around your lawn by performing a thorough inspection. Based on our findings, will come up with a customized plan to fix them. For a free inspection and quote, contact us!

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Quality Treatments

Whether you’re taking advantage of our lawn care program or our tree and shrub services, Addison Green Lawn’s 8-application programs are customized to keep your lawn’s looking healthy and beautiful with a unique blend of fertilizers, herbicides, and horticultural oils.

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Follow-Up Services

At Addison Green Lawn, our programs are designed to consider the seasonal changes your lawn goes through. Because of this, we'll return at eight specific times throughout the year to prepare your lawn, trees, and shrubs for what they’ll face during each season.

Customized Care To Create A Greener, Healthier, & Weed-Free Yard!

At Addison Green Lawn, we understand that your lawn is its unique ecosystem with its own unique needs. That’s why when you partner with us for lawn care services or tree and shrub treatments, we'll customize your plan based on the types of grasses, trees, and shrubs that you have in your yard, the climate where you live, and the watering system that you employ. If you're in need of quality lawn maintenance services, trust Addison Green Lawn to provide tailored care for a greener, healthier, weed-free yard. Reach out today!

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