Little Elm, TX Lawn Care

While city living has its appeal, many people who work in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area choose to settle down and relax in lively suburbs such as Little Elm. Little Elm is a mid-sized city in Denton County that boasts of extensive public parks and green spaces. The city’s residents enjoy a high quality of life due to well-paying jobs in neighboring North Texas cities and reasonable home prices. The town is a haven for busy families and business owners who take pride in their rapidly growing community. Keeping Little Elm looking great is a key reason that Addison Green Lawn exists.

Weed Control

Little Elm neighborhoods such as Union Park, Frisco Hills, and Wynfield Park embody the lifestyle of suburban North Texas. In these communities, you’ll find gorgeous custom homes that sit on ample lots. Large home lots are blessings for young families with growing youngsters, but weeds can quickly outpace busy parents.

Facility managers of Little Elm’s retailers, restaurants, and office parks face the same challenges as homeowners when it comes to keeping lawns weed free. However, commercial green spaces that are overrun with weeds mar brand image and send the wrong message to customers, employees, and industry partners.

At Addison Green Lawn, our turf care specialists know the most common weeds that grow in Little Elm and the safest, most effective ways to get rid of them.

Shrub Care

Landscape designers often use shrubs to give residential and commercial property character. Shrubs can enhance the color combinations of your home’s exterior or offer subtle privacy from prying eyes for your office. However, they need professional care to keep their look and function. Addison Green Lawn delivers shrub care services that nurture those valuable plants and prevent them from being destroyed by pests and diseases.

Lawn Aeration

Plagued with a brown or patchy lawn that just won’t grow healthy grass no matter what products you use? Maybe it’s time to enlist the help of your neighborhood lawn care experts at Addison Green Lawn. We use industry-standard techniques, effective products, and safe application methods that support sustained growth for Little Elm lawns. Our lawn aeration service loosens compacted soil so that the ground can receive water and nutrients to produce a thriving, green yard.

Turf Care Services for Healthy Lawns and Happy Families

Our technicians deliver lawn care solutions that promote happy families and communities. Besides the aesthetic value that our work brings to your property, Addison Green Lawn’s services help to prevent pests from taking over residential and commercial green spaces. We offer a specialty fire ant control service to stop these pests that destroy healthy plants and cause allergic reactions in people when they sting and bite.

Final Words

When you’re too busy to give your lawn the care that it needs to stay healthy and vibrant, Addison Green Lawn can help. We offer turf care services for homes and businesses that support thriving lawns from the soil to the shrubbery. When you’re ready to go green, give us a call for a free quote on our services.