McKinney, TX Lawn Care

McKinney is a North Texas city that’s known for its robust economy and family-friendly attractions. There are over 168,000 reasons for McKinney’s bright outlook, and they are the people who live and work in the city. McKinney residents and business owners take pride in maintaining their homes and commercial properties. You can see this when you take a stroll around Towne Lake Recreation Area or house-hunt in master-planned communities such as Wilmeth Ridge. Proper lawn maintenance is a must for McKinney homes and commercial properties. Here’s why.

Weed Control

The statement that everything is bigger in Texas has never been truer than when it refers to the area’s real estate. However, custom homes on sprawling lots require diligent lawn care to stave off weeds that mar curb appeal. Time is a precious resource, and most people would rather spend their free time having fun with family and friends and not tackling lawn maintenance. Inexperienced property owners who use improper techniques or products on their lawns just make bad matters worse. Addison Green Lawn has years of experience controlling weeds that pop up on North Texas lawns. Our specialists know the types of weeds that grow during each season, and they apply the methods and products that get rid of them quickly and safely.

Shrub Care

Whether you plan to put your house on the market next week or impress business clients throughout the year, you’ll want to make sure that your property’s trees and shrubs are healthy. Poorly kept shrubs often fall prey to insects and diseases, which inhibit growth and flowering. If left unchecked, these lawn-care enemies can destroy your valuable trees, shrubs, and landscaping. Addison Green Lawn provides custom shrub care that’s based on McKinney’s climate and your soil’s condition. We strategically prune shrubs and nurture the soil during our shrub care services to encourage strong roots, good top growth, and beautiful flowering.

Lawn Aeration

A patchy lawn gives the wrong impression about a property’s owner. People often associate lawns that have bare or brown spots with owners who don’t care. The reality is that every property owner wants a lush lawn, but not everyone knows how to get and keep their ideal lawn. Our lawn aeration service helps to position your yard for success. During lawn aeration, our experts sink small holes throughout your lawn that open it to effective watering and fertilization. The results are a greener lawn and increased curb appeal.

Why Keep a Healthy Lawn?

The list of benefits of healthy lawns is varied. When you and your neighbors grow beautiful, green lawns, you help to prevent soil erosion. Well-kept lawns soak up rain more effectively, which reduces chemical runoff from fertilizers and pesticides. These lawns also help to clean the air of pollutants. Addison Green Lawn offers many services that support healthy lawns.

Addison Green Lawn

Public and private research publications consistently rank McKinney as one of the fastest-growing, most livable cities in the country. Healthy, summer-ready lawns are a big part of the city’s identity. At Addison Green Lawn, we deliver lawn care solutions that nurture your property’s yard during each season. As a result, you get a great-looking, vibrant lawn throughout the year. Want to know more about how we can transform your lawn? Give us a call for a free quote on our services.