Plano, TX Lawn Care

The arrival of spring in Plano, Texas, signals the beginning of outdoor activities. The season means a bit more to home and business owners who want to keep yards mowed, fertilized and in healthy condition. A city that Forbes once dubbed the nation’s safest, Plano stands as a lovely business and residential city in the Dallas-Fort Worth region. The Chamber calls it the “City of Excellence,” and Addison Green Lawn helps residents and businesses enjoy lush greenery with superior lawn care.

Addison Green Lawn provides a range of services for homes and businesses that maintain landscapes in excellent condition. The challenges that lawns face during winter and summer require knowledgeable care to let them retain their natural beauty. A healthy lawn brings beauty to a landscape, cleans the air, reduces temperatures and prevents erosion.

Weed Control

A healthy lawn deprives weeds of the space and sunlight that they need to grow. Our approach requires an attack on them early in the spring and summer to prevent them from establishing a root system. We select the most effective chemicals to eradicate every type of weed. Texas has almost a dozen varieties of broadleaf or grassy weeds, and we know how to handle all of them.

Shrub Care

The environment benefits from shrubs that clean the air and remove pollutants while enhancing landscapes with beauty. Blooming shrubs bring lovely accents to a home or business location, and our Tree & Shrub Program provides the proper supplements to maintain grass, plants, trees and shrubs. We offer insect and disease control with applications that deter spider mites, cankerworms, bagworms, scales and aphids.

Lawn Aeration

Soil compaction that results from foot traffic, vehicles and rider mowers creates difficult growing conditions for grass. Our core aeration service helps the grass to grow by allowing air to reach the roots. Relief from the compaction lets soils drain better, and it lets plants benefit from access to nutrients, oxygen and water. Our aeration service delivers a dual function of removing thatch, a collection of dead roots and leaves that stifle growth. Lawns that receive moderate traffic can maintain healthy conditions with aeration once a year.

Choosing a Full-service Lawn Care Specialist

At Addison Green Lawn, we offer free telephone quotes an all services. We provide eight lawn and shrub treatment applications for winter, early spring, spring, early summer/summer/late summer, fall and late fall to cover all landscape needs in Plano. Our weed control, aeration and ant control services allow us to maintain outdoor greenery in top condition. Call for a free quote to get started on creating a lush and healthy landscape.