Dallas Tree & Shrub Program

The goal of Addison GreenLawn’s Tree & Shrub Program is to offer assistance with all of the landscaping needs that you have. The company wants to do everything possible to give you healthy plants, trees and shrubs that will beautify the yard. There are some applications that are a part of the program that could change depending on the weather conditions and landscaping conditions. These applications change so that your trees and shrubs receive the best care based on the needs that they have. Addison GreenLawn offers supplements for your trees and shrubs with only the best care in mind. 

8-Application Program

This is a program that generally involves a few different applications. Dormant and horticultural oil is used with the program as it’s the best suited for a variety of trees and shrubs. This process helps to control insects that might build homes in the winter and those that travel through the yard in the colder months. Aphids and spider mites are examples of these pests. 

8-Application Tree & Shrub Program

Season Application
Horticultural Oil
Controls overwintering insects such as scale, aphids and spider mites.
Spring Deep-Root Fertilization Our specially formulated, deep-root, balanced fertilizer with iron/micronutrients encourages strong root and top growth; increases fruiting and flowering; and improves insect and disease resistance – thus making plants greener and healthier.
Spring Insect and Disease Control Prevents and controls fungal diseases and insects such as powdery mildew, spider mites and aphids.
Early Summer Insect and Disease Control Reduces disease impact, and controls insects such as cankerworms, bagworms and spider mites.
Summer Insect and Disease Control Reduces disease impact, and controls insects such as aphids, spider mites, cankerworms, webworms, thrips and other sucking, chewing pests.
Late Summer Insect and Disease Control Inspection and treatment to control seasonal insects and disease activity.
Horticultural Oil Insect Treatment Controls stubborn insects such as scales and spider mites.
Early Winter Deep-Root Fertilization The best time to feed your landscape’s trees and shrubs (after our summer’s devastating heat and drought stress) to help prevent winter injury.

Spring Deep-Root Fertilization

Before the spring months, a rich fertilizer is used to ensure that trees and shrubs grow healthy and green. The product used is a special formula that offers a balance of iron and micronutrients that are needed for the health of the root system. As the trees and shrubs take in these nutrients, it will grow healthy from the inside out. The application assists in fruit bearing and flowering.

Insect And Disease Control

Just before the spring season, applications are used on the trees and shrubs in the yard to keep away insects before they have a chance to take over the plants. The application also prevents any kind of fungus from taking over the plants. Common types of fungus and pests include powdery mildew and aphids.

Early Summer Control For Insects And Diseases

This is a process that involves treating the plants and shrubs in the summer for common pests and diseases that are seen. Cankerworms and bagworms often come out in the summer, making their homes on tree branches and in shrubs. Addison GreenLawn can also monitor the trees and shrubs over the summer months to apply products that will further keep pests and diseases under control. Late summer treatments are also offered. 

Oil Treatment

The company uses specialized oils to treat pests that are more stubborn than others, such as spider mites and scales.

Early Winter Deep-Root Care

Addison GreenLawn provides treatments before the winter season so that your trees and shrubs are protected in the colder weather. This is often the best time of the year to feed the roots to help them recover from heat and a lack of moisture.

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