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Preparing Your Dallas Lawn For Warmer Weather

March 15, 2022 - Lawn Care

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When the weather starts to heat again, the care needs of your lawn space change. 

Dallas is known for its warm climate, with temperatures teetering around 80 degrees Fahrenheit in the spring and soaring into the triple digits throughout the summer. Exposure to high heat and a lack of moisture can have detrimental effects on your lawn, but that’s only one of the problems that Dallas property owners may encounter as we transition into spring again. 

Read on for more about spring cleaning practices and summer lawn preparation. We offer a few tips on tending to your grass and share how Addison Green Lawn is equipped to help.

Spring Cleaning For Warmer Weather

When spring cleaning your yard for warmer weather, it’s essential to inspect and address a few concerns as soon as possible. Here are three of them:

  1. Begin prepping your lawn by fixing any existing damage. Although Dallas’s winters are mild, it’s crucial to take stock of anything in your yard that needs repair, such as pooled areas of water, clogged gutters, or rotting boards on a fence, and resolve these issues firsthand.  

  2. Clean up debris in your yard. Rake up fallen branches, twigs, leaves, and other debris from your yard, providing a clean slate by which to lay grass seeds or prepare your garden.

  3. Aerate your lawn. In Dallas and other warm-weather places, aerating is done in the late spring or early summer. Core aerating is a process by which cores of grass and soil are extracted from the lawn’s surface to allow nutrients, air, and water to better flow into the lawn. 

Summer Lawn Preparation

Summertime in Dallas is really when the heat kicks up, and as it does, it’s vital to water and mow your lawn frequently.

Keep your lawn lush and green by watering it up to four times a month. When the temperature isn't at its peak, make it a point to water in the morning or early evening. Mowing at the hottest time of day puts unnecessary strain on the grass blades—and whoever’s doing the mowing.

Throughout the summer, keep an eye out for crabgrass and other weeds. As the summer winds down, you’ll want to aerate and fertilize your lawn again to prep for the fall.

Tending To Your Grass

To keep your grass healthy throughout the spring and summer, note the following three tips:

  1. Always water your grass in the morning, which helps to limit evaporation. 

  2. Cut your grass at the highest possible height. When it comes to grass-cutting, it’s important to cut the grass frequently enough so that only a quarter of the grass’s total length is being cut at a single time. Different types of grass thrive at different heights, so it’s important to identify which you have and the associated requirements.

  3. Sharpen your lawnmower blades as needed. The heat alone is enough to stress the grass, but cutting it with a dull blade will strain it even more.  

Addison Green Lawn: Total Lawn Care Done Right

Don’t stress about prepping your lawn—let the local professionals at Addison Green Lawn take care of that for you. A local and family-owned and operated business, Addison Green Lawn has provided Dallas-Fort Worth homes and properties with specialty lawn services for over 15 years. 

Among the options that Addison Green Lawn offers is an eight-application lawn treatment program, a seasonal approach to managing lawn care year-round. Our Specialty services include core aeration, nutsedge treatment, dallisgrass treatment, and fire ant control. 

To keep your lawn green, pristine, and maintained all year, call Addison Green Lawn at 972-787-0748.

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