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Specialty Services For A Healthy Texas Lawn

If your northeast Texas lawn care needs go beyond grasses, trees, and shrubs, Addison Green Lawn has you covered with a variety of specialty services. These highly effective lawn care programs have been designed by pest experts to tackle specific problems that aren’t normally covered under our Lawn Care or Tree and Shrub Programs.

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Core Aeration

Lawn aeration has many benefits. It improves soil structure, removes soil cores up to three inches, and relieves pressure in compacted soil. Aeration also helps get nutrients, oxygen, and water into the ground, helps control thatch, and creates pockets where new roots can grow. It is one of the most important services Addison Green Lawn provides to help you achieve the lush lawn you desire. We recommend aerating your lawn at least once per year.

Nutsedge Treatment

Nutsedge is a weed found in yards all over the country. Although there are different varieties of nutsedge, it’s easy to identify this weed because it’s usually a lighter color than the rest of the grass. Although there are no products on the market that can eliminate nutsedge permanently, we can apply a treatment that will keep it under control and prevent it from taking over your lawn.

Dallisgrass Treatment

Dallisgrass is a type of grass that invades Texas lawns in the warmer months. It is a perennial that grows faster than the other grasses in your yard, and it grows in small clumps. Addison Green Lawn’s dallisgrass treatment will help control this invader. We recommend that this treatment be done four days after mowing to keep all grasses growing at the same rate and height. About three days after application, the dallisgrass will begin to turn a different color from the rest of the grass around it.

Fire Ant Control

Fire ants are not merely a problem because of the large mounds they build that destroy your lawn. They damage plants and personal property. Fire ants are also a problem because of the danger they pose to you and your family. They can leave you covered in dozens of painful stings. If you are allergic to fire ant venom, an encounter could quickly turn into a life or death situation. Addison Green Lawn offers a blanket treatment for fire ants around the exterior of your home that eliminates current colonies. This treatment also prevents fire ants from returning. This treatment protects both your lawn and your family. It is also a treatment that lasts, and as such, it comes with a one-year guarantee.

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