Specialty Services in Frisco, TX

Fire Ant Control

This specialty service is guaranteed for one year.

Fire ants are often an issue for many homeowners. These pests can destroy everything from plants to utility equipment. There could be reactions in people who are allergic to fire ants. The company offers a blanket treatment to get rid of fire ants and to prevent them from coming around the exterior of the home. This treatment is expected to last and is guaranteed for at least one year. Addison GreenLawn believes that it’s important to offer these services so that your plants and the people who live in the home are protected.

Core Aeration

With the core aeration services that are provided by Addison GreenLawn, the soil structure will be improved so that grass has the nutrients, oxygen, and moisture that it needs to grow. The process also helps to control thatch while creating pockets for new roots to grow. This is a treatment that gets down to the root of the grass, allowing rain water to reach this vital area of the grass. It’s perhaps one of the most important services that are provided and that can be done for your lawn as it will help to give the lush green yard that you desire. The aeration process can remove soil cores that are up to three inches. Holes that are created after aerating can receive fertilizer and nutrients while relieving pressure that has been compacted in the soil over time. Aeration should be performed at least once a year.

Dallisgrass Treatment

Dallisgrass is a type of grass that tends to invade the lawn during the warmer months. It’s a perennial that is often seen in Texas and southwestern states. The grass is often seen in small clumps in the yard. The grass usually grows faster than other types of grass in the yard. Addison GreenLawn can help to control the grass with applications of MSMA on the lawn. It’s advised to use this product about four days after mowing in order to keep all of the grass growing at one level. Dallisgrass will begin to turn a different color about three days after the product is applied.


This is a weed that is often seen in yards across the country. There are different types, but they are easy to see in the yard because the weed is often lighter in color than the rest of the grass. While there aren’t any products that will keep nutsedge away for good, there are products that will keep it from getting out of control. 

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