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Do-It-Yourself Or Professional Lawn Care; Which Is Better For Your Dallas Lawn?

February 14, 2020 - Lawn Care

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Texans take pride in keeping their property well-manicured and looking healthy. But this can be a tall order in the Dallas area, when hot temperatures scorch grasses and decorative flowers. While there are plenty of practitioners of the Do-It-Yourself yard-care mentality, sometimes its difficult to find the time, resources, and strategies necessary to keep lawns and plants looking nice all year long.

The Downsides Of DIY

Not only does it take a lot of time and energy, but DIY yard care is often reactive rather than preventative. The second you fix one problem, another will crop up -- and the cycle keeps continuing all year long. This means that, rather than your whole lawn looking great at all times, you’re constantly trying to catch up to keep everything green, lush and thriving.

DIY methods can also cost an arm and a leg and aren’t even guaranteed to work. Store-bought products are hit-and-miss, and even the proven ones are less than effective if they aren’t applied by a seasoned landscaping specialist. Rather than throwing so much of your own time and money at a problem, it’s best to go the route that will actually provide the best results.

Benefits Of Professional Care

Professional yard solutions are best because they accomplish multiple things at once. Not only do experts address problem areas, but they account for a healthy lawn in the future by preventing the seasonal problems that threaten yards as the year goes on. At Addison Green Lawn, our 8-step Lawn Care program is proven and effective at keeping yards looking awesome from January to December:

  1. Dormant Horticultural Oil: This step involves applying natural oils to areas all around your yard to keep yard pests like aphids and mites away.

  2. Spring Deep Root Fertilization: This step incorporates fertilizer with nutrients to encourage top-growth and lead to healthy root systems. This also encourages flower growth and can help plants built resistances to pests and diseases.

  3. Spring Insect and Disease Control: Designed to fight back fungal diseases like powdery mildew as well as plant-destroying insects; this step is crucial for keeping plants alive.

  4. Early Summer Insect and Disease Control: A new season brings new diseases and pests, so this step keeps away summer invaders like bagworms, spider mites and canker worms. 

  5. Summer Insect and Disease Control: As the weather heats up, the dangers to your lawn increase. This step is tailored toward curbing the impact of diseases and to keep insects at bay.

  6. Late Summer Insect and Disease Control: Our experts will thoroughly inspect your plants, trees, shrubs, and grasses for any signs of problems. After diagnosis, we will treat your property as needed.

  7. Horticultural Oil Insect Treatment: Just like our first application, this step is designed to prevent yard pests from taking up residence in the winter.

  8. Early Winter Deep-root Fertilization: After a long summer of fighting off pests and root diseases, plants need this revamp of nutrients to survive the winter.

Contact The Pros At Addison

With our yard-care programs, you can rest assured that your landscaping will stay looking beautiful. Our solutions cover everything from yard-invading pests to root and fungal diseases, meaning only the professionals can completely protect against all the dangers your lawn faces. We offer free inspections that identify any weeds, diseases, and pests that are causing problems. Then, we’ll tailor a plan that’s right for you and your home, working with your schedule and budget as we design a treatment plan. Not only do we guarantee our services will work, we’ll send technicians back to your home regularly to ensure that you're completely satisfied with the outcome.

Don’t try to do it all alone when professional methods are just a phone call away. Turn to Addison to keep your yard healthy all year long.

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