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How To Treat Your Dallas Lawn For Diseases, Fungi, And Insects In The Fall

October 15, 2022 - Fall Pre-Emergent

Keeping your Dallas lawn healthy and green can sometimes feel like a constant battle; unfortunately, the fall season is no exception. Many harmful lawn diseases and weeds can clutter and damage your lawn.

Luckily, we’re here to help. Addison Green Lawn is your premier source for Dallas lawn control. In this blog, we’ll look at the most significant threats facing your lawn this fall and detail some tactics you can use to minimize your risk for diseases, fungi, insects, and other issues that typically plague homeowners in the fall. 

Things That Can Plague Your Lawn In The Fall

There are three primary threats facing your lawn in the fall, and they are fungi, weeds, and diseases.

Lawn fungi are mushrooms that grow on your lawn, sapping resources from your grass in the process. The two most common fungi affecting Texas lawns are fairy rings and brown patches. Beyond the unsightly mushrooms sprouting up around the yard, fungi will lead to brown or yellow patches in the lawn, leaf spots on vegetation, slimy patches, and powdery white mildew growths ruining your lawn’s appeal. 

Dallas is home to various weeds that can wreak havoc on your lawn. The most pervasive weeds in our region are crabgrass, dallisgrass, and nutsedge. The problem with these weeds is that they spread quickly and can overwhelm your lawn, sapping the water and sunlight your grass needs to survive. Weeds can be tough to control and prevent, so call a professional for weed control if they take over your yard.

Dallas's most common fall lawn diseases include dollar spot and lawn rust. Dollar spot leads to unsightly yellow patches across the lawn, while lawn rust leaves a powdery orange substance across the yard.

While you can minimize most of the previously mentioned problems with effective lawn maintenance, the help of a professional lawn care provider is the best way to prevent and treat these issues.

Six Tips To Reduce Lawn-Destroying Insects In Fall

Preventing lawn-destroying insects is a difficult task. As a homeowner, you can implement these six practical ways to reduce your risk of acquiring lawn-destroying insects this fall:

  1. Use native grass seed. Grass that’s native to the region will have the best natural defense against pests and diseases also present in the area. 
  2. Start seeding sparse areas of your lawn as autumn approaches.
  3. Mow the lawn frequently. Keep the blades sharp and replace them as necessary.
  4. Stop watering your lawn if you start seeing runoff.
  5. Water areas of the lawn that appear wilted or if footprints remain after more than 30 minutes.
  6. Aerate your yard yearly to improve its overall fortitude against pests throughout the year.

With these tips in hand, you’re well equipped to minimize your risk for lawn insects. But what about diseases and fungi?

Treating Lawn Diseases and Fungi In Dallas

Lawn fungus is a disease that leads to yellow patches, leaf spots, mushrooms, slimy patches, thin areas of grass, and white, powdery growths. The two most common fungi known to affect homes in our region are fairy rings and brown patches.

If you want to protect your Dallas lawn as fall approaches, your property needs the protection only certified lawn care professionals can provide. Fall pre-emergent herbicide applications prevent many common weeds and diseases affecting Dallas lawns in the fall and winter. Fall pre-emergent treatments are a great solution to protect your home against lawn pests and diseases. Call Addison Green Lawn for more information. 

Total Lawn Care Is The Best Option For Busy Dallas Families 

Regarding Dallas lawns, no one knows lawns better than Addison Green Lawn. Give us a call today and find out why our wide array of lawn care services is the perfect solution to keep your yard green and thriving for the fall season and years to come.

For a greener, healthier, weed-free yard, look no further than Addison Green Lawn! 

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