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Defeating Lawn Fungus In Dallas: Your Ultimate Guide To Control And Prevention

September 16, 2023 - Lawn Care

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Dallas-area homeowners make tremendous sacrifices in time and financial resources in acquiring, maintaining, and beautifying their homes. With busy schedules, many property owners find there are not enough hours in the day, and lawn care tasks are often postponed or neglected. Some of the common types of problems that result from insufficient lawn care and maintenance are the presence of weeds and lawn fungus.

Is there an experienced company that performs residential lawn care near me? Addison Green Lawn is a family-owned Dallas lawn care company that will ensure your lawn appears healthy all year. We don’t use a “one-size-fits-all” approach; hence, we create customized solutions based on a host of factors that will ultimately exceed the expectations of our residential customers.

Signs And Symptoms Of Lawn Fungus

What are some of the indications of lawn fungus? According to data from the AgriLife Extension at Texas A&M University, these symptoms may differ based on the grass type and the nature of the soil. In many instances, brown patch or large patch disease creates thin, circular areas of grass that may reach several feet in diameter.

When viewing the blades of grass closely, they often have tan or brown leaf spots. With root rot fungus, the blades of grass often appear more yellowish.

Is your lawn showing signs of disease? Property owners that begin to recognize any of these indications that suggest lawn fungus development should consult with a local professional lawn care company. An experienced provider of lawn care maintenance is properly equipped to get the job done.

Exploring The Connection Between Lawn Fungus And Weed Growth

Is there some relationship between the presence of lawn fungus and the growth of lawn weeds? Weeds in your lawn compete with the grass for water and nutrients; therefore, lawns with too many weeds become weak and less resistant to lawn fungus and disease.

Homeowners in Dallas struggling with lawn fungus should consider speaking with a professional provider of residential lawn care services.

Mowing And Lawn Care Practices To Prevent Fungal Infections

What are some of the best strategies for property owners seeking to prevent fungal infections in their lawns? Consider some of these tips:

  • The brown patch fungus often appears in grasses containing too much nitrogen; use fertilizers with low to moderate nitrogen levels.

  • Avoid over-watering the grass and consider irrigating during the early morning hours.

  • When lawn disease exists, remove the grass clippings to avoid spreading the disease to other areas of the lawn.

  • Ensure you mow your lawn to the proper height for the grass species.

While these best practices are viable methods of preventing fungal infections, problems may still arise. If your lawn area shows unhealthy signs, promptly contact a seasoned lawn care expert for help. The pros will best ensure you receive quality, affordable lawn care services in Dallas.

The Long-Term Value Of Professional Lawn Fungus Control

What are the best available products for controlling lawn fungus? Each year in Dallas, many local property owners try do-it-yourself home lawn care products sold in retail stores. Unfortunately, these options often generate mediocre results that simply create frustration.

For more than 15 years now, Addison Green Lawn has remained among the leading local providers of professional lawn care services in the Dallas region and employs a staff specializing in preventing lawn fungus and controlling weed growth.

As an innovative organization, we have designed an 8-Application Law Treatment Program that varies according to the season. For example, during winter, one of our technicians will apply a pre-emergent weed control solution.  In the spring, our team will fertilize your lawn using granular or liquid treatment options.

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